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OncoTracker’s main GLP laboratory offers a growing menu of immunoassays to support our clients’ needs. Our newly designed laboratory is custom-built to produce high quality test results while maintaining data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Laboratory Test Menu

Abbreviation Marker Name Specimen Minimum Sample Volume
sBCMA Soluble B-cell Maturation Antigen (TNFRS17; CD269) Hu Serum (frozen) 100 μL
BAFF B-cell Activating Factor (TNFSF13B; CD257) Hu Serum (frozen) 100 μL
APRIL A Proliferation-inducing Ligand (TNFSF13; CD256) Hu Serum (frozen) 100 μL

Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX)

OncoTracker produces superior patient-derived xerograph (PDX) animal models uniquely derived from fresh multiple myeloma human tumor samples. We have developed 5 patient-derived xenografts from patient’s with diverse background. Since investigation of multiple myeloma cell lines does not offer inclusive results, we believe our patient-derived xerograph models are the most informative and educational models for drug and other treatments efficacy studies. We have the capability of testing the efficacy and preclinical explorations of our clients’ anti-cancer targets, drug candidates, and therapeutic strategies in our different PDX models.

Our PDX models offers:
• Intermuscular heterotopic multiple myeloma model
• Complete records on patient’s background and treatment history
• Using unified and integrated models
• Further molecular and characterization studies on the developed tumors
• Identification and recording biomarkers predicting treatment response
• Possible platform using humanized mice


OncoTracker is positioned to collect and distribute high-quality biological samples to labs throughout the world. We specialize in the collection of disease state human samples, both prospective and retrospective, from patients with multiple myeloma and metastatic bone disease. In addition to collecting plasma, serum, bone marrow and other biofluids, OncoTracker offers comprehensive clinical data including physician notes, path reports and treatment history to support precision medicine research.